The Lush Swingometer

4 02 2010

A little game that’s just been uploaded to the Lush wesbite now. The aim with building games like this is to express Lush’s brand personality and encourage customers to share the game with their friends by e-mail and posting to their social networking profiles – in turn this generates good sales. But apart from all that it is fun to play. Just input your name and your crush’s name and let the game calculate the fate of your relationship. Each result produces a different product that Lush suggests will help move you up the swingometer.

I post this because, although it was not my idea to include this game, it was my idea to visualize it in a swingometer style.

Play it here. ๐Ÿ™‚


Love Me, Love Me Knot

4 02 2010

On the Lush website currently:ย 

I didn’t write all of the copy on this image.

Everything is all about Valentines Day at Lush right now. They’ve just launched two a limited edition Valentines Knot Wraps. It was my idea to plug them on the main page with the witty with line “They love you, they love you KNOT.” Cringe and enjoy.

Here is the lovely Lucy showing you what Lush’s Knot Wraps are all about, quite suggestively, too. :S

3 Pages

4 02 2010

The Lush Times is a Direct Mail Out in the style of a newspaper. It is published and distributed every quarter across the UK, Canada and North America to Lush’s customers.

I’ve been writing for the Lush Times for about a year now. You can view some clippings here.

We’re in the process of compiling the next edition. I can’t say an awful lot on here until it is published. But I will be writing 3 of it’s pages and I’m working directly with the designers so that we can conceive each page collaboratively. Very exciting. I’ve got over 1,000 words to write so I’d better get started.

Getting Dotty Over Spam.

3 02 2010

Working on the subject line for Lush’s Valentines E-mail taught me something. Dots are 1.3 points worth of evil according to this website.

We’re going to have a fun Love Calculator game up tomorrow, the newsletter will talk about this and direct customers to the website to play the game. The subject line I am working on is:
Lush + Me = L.O.V.E. Play Our Lush Love Calculator.

It seems putting ย ‘.’ among the letters of ‘LOVE’ raises the likelihood that the mail will be filtered by e-mail clients. Well, who knew? I felt sure ‘+’ and ‘=’ would set off some e-mail alarms, but not so.

Interesting. So, what have we learnt? Dots are bad and the use of them could suck half of your e-mail list into the dotty black hole. See picture for clarification of point.

Its All Irish To Me

2 02 2010

I’ve been working on this project with Lush to survey the staff or Ireland because they were not included in the UK 100 Best Companies survey. I’ve been helping to devise the wording for the statements, to which the respondent will agree or disagree to; 50 statements later and I think we’re finally there. Looking to roll in the coming weeks.ย By the end of this month we shall hopefully have some interesting results to ponder over.

Lush + Me = L.O.V.E.

2 02 2010
The following arenโ€™t all my words, but here is my editorial for our Direct E-mail which goes out to all Lush Online customers on Thursday, complete with my cartoon face. Oh how I do hate Valentines day. Play the Doctorโ€™s Love Calculator game from Thursday on theย Lush Online website.

Valentine’s Fever could result in Sex In The Shower. Get ready for some hot diagnoses: the Love Doctor is in. Take a seat next Doctor Duffy Love and allow him to number crunch your crush. You know the score, two names and the Doctorโ€™s love calculator decide the fate of your love match. Whether youโ€™re sharing showers or scoring faces from old photos weโ€™ve got something to see you through Valentines Day.

Lush + Me = L.O.V.E.