Jedward you believe it!

20 11 2010

Jedward you believe it!

20 11 2010

Intensely irritating but somehow likeable. The infamous irish duo are perfect for promoting Dragon Quest on the Nintendo DS. The game looks naff, but they’ve got me talking about it.

Posterous & iPhone4 test

20 11 2010

Just caught up with everyone this weekend. Got myself autoposting on posterous through my new iPhone. This is a test, if all goes well there should be an photo of the box it came in above or below this text.

Radical Face – Welcome Home

24 03 2010

Bit of a folk vibe. Repeat.

My Idea and Saatchi & Saatchi

8 03 2010

I’m not really allowed to say too much about what’s going on.

But, I will say that, as a group, we responded to a brief set by Saatchi & Saatchi. I just got word from the agency that they will be using my idea. I have been offered a week of work placement with them, to take during the summer, I assume.

All very good news. Hopefully I will be able to reveal my idea at some point.

St Etienne – He’s on the phone

17 02 2010

Let’s delve into the archives for some cheesy dance pop. I wore out a NOW CD playing this on repeat in the 90s.

This one must bring back memories? Or is this your first listen?

Julia Marcell – Night Of The Living Dead

16 02 2010

Discovered this artist a few weeks ago. She recorded her debut album from donations made through sellaband. I don’t think she has toured the UK yet, I’d love to see her live and get an interview with her. Such a go getting girl with beautiful classical music sung with punk edge, as she puts it. I say she is a less wild Tori Amos. Check her out: