The Lush Swingometer

4 02 2010

A little game that’s just been uploaded to the Lush wesbite now. The aim with building games like this is to express Lush’s brand personality and encourage customers to share the game with their friends by e-mail and posting to their social networking profiles – in turn this generates good sales. But apart from all that it is fun to play. Just input your name and your crush’s name and let the game calculate the fate of your relationship. Each result produces a different product that Lush suggests will help move you up the swingometer.

I post this because, although it was not my idea to include this game, it was my idea to visualize it in a swingometer style.

Play it here. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 Pages

4 02 2010

The Lush Times is a Direct Mail Out in the style of a newspaper. It is published and distributed every quarter across the UK, Canada and North America to Lush’s customers.

I’ve been writing for the Lush Times for about a year now. You can view some clippings here.

We’re in the process of compiling the next edition. I can’t say an awful lot on here until it is published. But I will be writing 3 of it’s pages and I’m working directly with the designers so that we can conceive each page collaboratively. Very exciting. I’ve got over 1,000 words to write so I’d better get started.

From Seed To Sapling

4 02 2010

Over the past few weeks at Uni we’ve split ourselves into 16 agency groups of 5 members each. We named ourselves Top Hat Advertising – our first pitch was for a live ย project, briefed to us by Sowing SEEDS.ย Their budget was ยฃ25,000 and they wanted us to conceive of a 12 month schedule for promotional activity to raise awareness of their funding programme.ย This morning we received the feedback from our pitch.

From a long list of 16 agencies, we have been shortlisted along with 2 others. Sowing SEEDS look like they may implement some of our tactics, which makes for very exciting news, as two of the BIG executional ideas were conceived by myself. I’m now hoping we can negotiate a fee for our work.

I’ll be sure to keep updating the progress of this.