3 02 2010

At the Grammys last night Imogen Heap wore her fans’ live twitter comments and flickr photos. She also won an award for best engineered non-classical album, being the first female to do so, so that’s another first. It’s an interesting take on social networking, bringing them into the red carpet experience, it’s also good to see someone other than Gaga and Perry making bold fashion statements.

Here is the gadgety. I interviewed Heap last summer and asked her about her gadgety, you can read it here. This make-your-own gadgety reminds me of a little online documentary I watched a few months ago where Little Boots was on a quest to make and play a laser harp – watch it here.

Have a read of my album review of Ellipse here if you’re thinking of downloading it – while you do so I urge you to download her live itunes festival album of her early work, i did yesterday and it’s a much rawer experience, shaking off the layers of digital she covers herself in.