Radical Face – Welcome Home

24 03 2010

Bit of a folk vibe. Repeat.


St Etienne – He’s on the phone

17 02 2010

Let’s delve into the archives for some cheesy dance pop. I wore out a NOW CD playing this on repeat in the 90s.

This one must bring back memories? Or is this your first listen?

Julia Marcell – Night Of The Living Dead

16 02 2010

Discovered this artist a few weeks ago. She recorded her debut album from donations made through sellaband. I don’t think she has toured the UK yet, I’d love to see her live and get an interview with her. Such a go getting girl with beautiful classical music sung with punk edge, as she puts it. I say she is a less wild Tori Amos. Check her out:

Ellie Goulding – Not Following You

14 02 2010

A little find from You Tube:

Apparently not going to be on the album – which I’m eager to listen to. Let me know what you make of this song? Saccharine Pop – but I love it.

Ta to Sheryl for the find.

Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk

14 02 2010

Today, some fast dance indie for you. Although indie seems to be slipping out of the charts at the moment, Two Door Cinema Club have just launched their debut album Tourist History. Check it out. This is the lead single ‘I Can Talk.’ They’ve just been championed in the BBC Sound of 2010 poll; tipped for big make sure you catch them at a small venue or summer festival.

They are keen twitterers – Follow them @TDCinemaClub
Check out more on their Myspace
Download their album! πŸ™‚

I’m enjoying the album artwork, too.

Goldfrapp – Rocket

13 02 2010

The original electro queen – Alison Goldfrapp takes us on a rocket ride.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Blast Off!

What do you make of it? It’s sort of Wham throwback.

Here is some of the album artwork. A beautiful diffusion of colour, she’s got a little of the Little Boots about her here.

I can’t wait until she is doing phoners. I will not relent until I have my Goldfrapp interview.

For more Goldfrapp news check out their blog here.

Marina and the Diamonds.

6 02 2010

Here is Marina and the Diamonds from last night’s Jonathan Ross show.

I see she’s decided to adopt the shoulder pad look – much like every other female in the charts right now.

Have a read of an awkward interview that I did with her in her dressing room at CAMP Bestival last year here.

Go and watch Mowgli’s Road video here.