Getting Dotty Over Spam.

3 02 2010

Working on the subject line for Lush’s Valentines E-mail taught me something. Dots are 1.3 points worth of evil according to this website.

We’re going to have a fun Love Calculator game up tomorrow, the newsletter will talk about this and direct customers to the website to play the game. The subject line I am working on is:
Lush + Me = L.O.V.E. Play Our Lush Love Calculator.

It seems putting  ‘.’ among the letters of ‘LOVE’ raises the likelihood that the mail will be filtered by e-mail clients. Well, who knew? I felt sure ‘+’ and ‘=’ would set off some e-mail alarms, but not so.

Interesting. So, what have we learnt? Dots are bad and the use of them could suck half of your e-mail list into the dotty black hole. See picture for clarification of point.